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                    The authors ChengTa insulation materials co., LTD., located in the hinterland of the central plains of xuchang, beijing-zhuhai expressway and 107 national highway in the east, west by the beijing-guangzhou railway, the geogaphical position is super,The transportation is convenient....
                    ChengTa insulation materials co., LTD
                    Contact: Vincent Wang
                    Telephone: 0374-3188662
                    Cell Phone: 18603872916
                    Address: Laodong Road(N),
                    To address:Ruixiang road, xuchang economic development zone

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                      Technology and service
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                      The enterprise culture
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                      Copyright ? authors ChengTa insulation material co., LTD. Contact person: suddenly manager contact number: 0374-3188662 mobile: 18539016617 < br / > address: the authors labor north road technical support: < a > < / a > the spring and autumn period and the network 】 【
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